Philips XXL Ambilight Weeks: This is how you get up to 500 euros cashback on TV sets


Philips is currently offering cashback on its Ambilight TVs: If you secure a participating device during the campaign weeks, you will get money back. You must note the following.

If you buy one of the participating Philips TVs by April 20th, you will get your money back – if you do everything right. (Source: © Philips)

  • In the XXL Ambilight weeks, manufacturer Philips promises cashback on large TV sizes.
  • There is a cashback of up to 500 euros on participating TV models from 65 inches.
  • To take part in the campaign, you have to strike by April 20th.

Anyone who buys one of the participating TV models between April 4th and 20th can secure cashback from the manufacturer Philips: This means that the provider gives money back if you submit the serial number from the box in good time together with the proof of purchase.

The deadline for the ongoing Philips XXL Ambilight Weeks is May 18th. According to the Philips supply page, the cashback payment should then be made within 8 weeks.

Up to 500 euros cashback at Philips: you have to pay attention to that

If you want to benefit from the money-back campaign, one thing is particularly important: not all TV models from Philips are equally eligible for participation. So be sure to read the manufacturer’s campaign page with the conditions of participation, eligible dealers and campaign products carefully before you strike.

In addition, you do not get the same amount of money credited for all products: 500 euros cashback is actually only available on an OLED Ambilight TV with sound from Bowers & Wilkins, which costs around 3,500 euros from authorized dealers. For less high-priced LED models, you will get back significantly lower amounts, but at least 100 euros.

Tip: You save twice when you buy a participating TV at a discount. So take a look at our TV offers regularly.

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