PHOTO Alain Delon: his son Anthony shares moving memories of the actor

Anthony Delon decided to delve into his family memories this December 31. The opportunity for the actor to unveil tender pictures and videos where we find his father Alain Delon, more smiling and happy than ever.

How is Alain Delon? At 86, the actor survived two strokes. So, Jean-Paul Belmondo’s friend has already planned everything for his legacy. “He is preparing for the worst and announces that he has already prepared his succession”, We learned in Inheritances on November 4, the broadcast of Jean-Marc Morandini. It was his daughter Anouchka who was designated “as executor”,“the one he absolutely trusts”. “He doesn’t want the family to be torn apart after him ”, specified the documentary. Maître Nicolas Rebbot, his lawyer, had even clarified the extent of Alain Delon’s heritage: “Between its properties in France, Switzerland, its art collections, the ownership shares it has on its films and the exploitation of its films, we can reasonably estimate the heritage of Alain Delon at several million euros”.

In family intimacy

Waiting for, the cheetah is fine. And the photos shared by Anthony Delon on Instagram this Friday, January 31st prove it. On this New Year’s Eve, the 57 year old actor has decided to plunge back into his memories on the occasion of the passage in 2022. On the program: trips to paradisiacal destinations, moments of complicity with his daughters, childhood memories, and even a snapshot with Jean-Paul Belmondo. Also, a portrait and two videos of Alain Delon.

On the first, the Samurai is photographed at a restaurant table with his ex-wife, the late Nathalie Delon. Anthony then posted a video in which his father can be seen wishing a “happy birthday”To her granddaughter Liv for its 20 years. And finally, a very intimate video in which Romy Schneider’s ex celebrates his 86th birthday with his eldest son, blowing out his candle. Adorable family memories, which prove once again that Alain Delon is in great shape!

Instagram capture
Instagram capture
Instagram capture

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