PHOTO – Caroline Roux shares a photo of her son Marceau for his 15th birthday: he looks more and more like him!

Journalist Caroline Roux is a well-known face in the French audiovisual landscape. It was she who orchestrated the political debate which pitted the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, against Jordan Bardella, head of the National Rally list in the European elections. The presenter, mother, lives as a couple with Laurent Solly, Nicolas Sarkozy’s former chief of staff at the UMP. He now serves as general manager of Facebook in France.

The couple, who formed a blended family, became parents of a young man named Marceau in 2009. The young man, who turned 15 this year, has grown up well. And his mother, proud of him, posted a photo on Instagram in which he poses humbly this May 25. And the least we can say is that they have common traits.

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A big united family

Before settling down with Laurent Solly, Caroline Roux had a daughter, Rosalie, born in 2004. Her partner had two children from a previous union. They are two girls named Victoire and Sixtine. Speaking of her family, she declared to Femina Versionin 2015 : “The best place to recharge my batteries is my family. They are my backbone, my base, my roots. Even if it is windy outside, I close the door and I find absolute serenity when I am with the mine”. Interviewed by TV Magazine in August 2022, she also explained the practical side of having children who take care of themselves. “I am lucky to have independent children. From time to time, I check in with them, I ask them if I’m okay, if they still accept me as a mother […] I organize myself and I’m lucky to have help“, she declared.

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