PHOTO Christophe Beaugrand annoyed: on vacation, the host reframes a user

Christophe Beaugrand has been on vacation in Guadeloupe for a few days. On his Instagram account this December 29, the host had to stick his teeth out in front of a surfer a bit jealous of these paradisiacal landscapes.

This is what we call a well-deserved vacation. The end of the year 2021 has been busy for Christophe Beaugrand. Ghislain Gérin’s husband has increased the number of interviews and signing sessions for his book Daddy’s son (s), published by Plon editions. A long fight for fatherhood that the spouses tell in the book, so that little Valentine knows all of his story when he grows up. And as Karine Ferri’s acolyte recently confided in the columns of Gala, it is he who was the shoulders of the couple during this surrogacy procedure.

Ghislain being a pessimist by nature, without me, it would not have happened. It is the obstacle course for the French. We had to go through the United States which allows this route”, Revealed the young dad. Now that the Christmas holidays are over and the end of the year 2021 is coming, Christophe Beaugrand has gone to recharge his batteries in Guadeloupe. But beware, he always has his head in the work since he has a book signing scheduled for his book! On the other hand, if there is one category of people who did not take a vacation, it is the haters. And Valentine’s dad paid the price on his Instagram account on December 29.

“Too bad to have this vision of things”

The former presenter of Secret Story had fun filming himself jumping into a swimming pool, and did the editing upside down. And in the space reserved for comments, a user did not fail to share his bitterness in the face of this refreshing experience. “In the opposite direction, continue to share your holidays with us every day Christophe because you make those who do not have the means or the opportunity to leave and it lifts their morale, do not hesitate to also show external signs of wealth like big cars or suits at 15,000 euros, people are fond of them on Instagram”, Quipped this Internet user. A message that made Christophe Beaugrand jump. “Too bad to have this view of things. I should make believe that I am not in this beautiful overseas territory so as not to offend you because you are not there? Be serious”, Replied the husband of Ghislain Gérin. Do not push!

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