PHOTO. Find out what the trendiest haircut of the moment looks like

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Searches for this haircut have exploded at the beginning of the year. Discover the hairstyle that everyone will wear in 2023.

The haircut trends of 2023 are starting to emerge on social media and red carpets! After giving pride of place to the mullet cut, the wolf cut or the curtain fringe, the year 2022 gives way to new hair trends, each more desirable than the other.

Among the most requested and popular haircuts, one look already seems to stand out from the rest. Indeed, according to the site Lookfantastica haircut would arouse the interest of a large number of people with a 550% increase in online searches. This is a very particular square cut spotted in particular on the actress Jenna Ortegathe star of the hit series Wednesday streaming on Netflix.

The trendiest bob cut of 2023

This ultra-trendy bob cut is called “chopped bob” or “chopped” square. It is an ultra-shaded mid-nape square in the mass and associated with a tapered fringe. A voluminous haircut that gives a “crumpled” effect to the hair, almost styled / disheveled. Ideal for give volume to fine hair, this haircut seems to be a good option for those who have a rounded or angular face. Indeed, the layered locks at the front of the face and the airy bangs marry the oval and provide a soft effect. To obtain this “chopped” effect, the hair must be worked with a subtle gradient and textured with a spray or a matte effect wax.

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