PHOTO. Isabelle Huppert transformed with blonde hair, no more red!

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Isabelle Huppert has radically changed her mind. The actress is unrecognizable with a new blonde coloring. His fans are captivated.

Red is her signature hair color, yet, Isabelle Huppert recently abandoned her to adopt another. A photo of actress with blonde hair clairs was indeed posted on Instagram, revealing her transformation. A hair change that we could never have predicted, she who was such a proud ambassador of red hair. Her blonde dye obviously did not escape her fans who discovered this color change on the social network.

With this new look, Isabelle Huppert also joins the long list of stars who dare to apparent roots because its new blond color is not uniform. A very good idea to give your coloring a more natural look. At 69, this nuanced blond even has the advantage of making her look younger. It must be said that she wears it with a mid-length layered cut with very elegant fringe.

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Isabelle Huppert: the reason for her transformation

But did Isabelle Huppert really get tired of her flamboyant hair, which also suited her so well? Not so sure… As evidenced by the caption of the shared snapshot, she would have bleached her hair for his latest film, The Syndicalistwhere she plays the character of Maureen Kearney, CFDT delegate at Areva who shook up the nuclear industry in France in 2012.

Isabelle Huppert’s fans, captivated by her blonde hair

One would have thought the fans of the actress disturbed by this change, but it seems that they are, on the contrary, charmed by the blonde of Isabelle Huppert. “Blonde suits you very well, Isabelle”, “I like it, it suits you”, “I love you as a blonde”, “gorgeous”, “wouaaaaaa so beautiful”there’s no shortage of rave comments under the Instagram post showing off her hair color change.

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Isabelle Huppert with blonde hair, this is not a first!

Even if we have the impression of having always known her as a redhead, Isabelle Huppert has not always had fiery hair. In 1984 and 1985, the actress was even much blonder than that. She sported platinum blonde hair and a rock’n’roll haircut.

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