PHOTO Laurent Gerra celebrated his 54th birthday: this nice surprise reserved for him by his friend Pascal Obispo

On this Wednesday, December 29, 2021, Laurent Gerra celebrated his 54th birthday. And it is on the stage of the Olympia that the comedian celebrated this happy event. In an Instagram post, he shared the “good surprise” received from Pascal Obispo.

For several weeks, Laurent Gerra has been performing on the Olympia stage in Paris, until January 2, 2022, to the delight of his fans. On this occasion, the comedian scours the television sets with the aim of promote his new show. But not only, over the course of the many interviews, the latter does not hesitate to share his point of view on an incalculable number of subjects. In particular, on its relationship with the artists of the new generation.

On Sunday, December 26, on the set of the daily Telematin broadcast on France 2, Laurent Gerra had given himself up to some very cash revelations. While Damien Thévenot questioned the favorite imitator of the French about young singers at the height of their glory now, the latter had not mince words. “I would listen to Brassens more than singers who have only one first name”, he had declared. Surprised, the host nodded: “Ah yes, it’s true that it’s a trend, you’re right”. “Maybe in order not to shame their family, they don’t give the name”, added Christelle Bardet’s companion.

Friendship is sacred!

Fortunately, Laurent Gerra does not share this opinion when it comes to the singers of his time. Even to the point that over the years, they have become true friends. On this Wednesday, December 29, the comedian blew out his 54th candle as he climbed the stage of the Olympia. To his astonishment, one of his oldest friends gave him a nice surprise during yet another performance.

Pascal Obispo made his appearance on stage alongside the vocal double of Johnny Hallyday. Laurent Gerra shared this tender moment in an Instagram post. “The nice surprise on stage tonight by the friend Pascal Obispo”, he wrote in the caption. A moment that will remain etched in his memory!

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