PHOTO Loana back on Instagram : this detail that surprises internet users

It’s official, Loana participated in Incroyables transformations, the M6 ​​show. As viewers eagerly await the broadcast, the star made her return to Instagram on January 14. And one detail caught their attention.

Loana grew up with TV. Discovered in 2001 in season 1 of loft story, the pretty blonde has landed in the hearts of viewers never to leave. And if Jean-Edouard’s ex has encountered many ups and downs during her long career, she has never forgotten her lifelong fans. After experiencing a lot of health concerns in 2021, Mindy’s mom decided to cut out bad associates from his life and just focus on his personal life and career. And very soon, Violet’s daughter will return to his first love: television.

As revealed Tele-Leisure, Loana participated in the new season ofIncredible transformations. Uhistorical guest, since this is the very first time that a personality has taken part in the M6 ​​program to get a makeover. At 44, Eryl Prayer’s best friend should therefore say farewell to her famous blonde hair, pink locks and corsets. A change “radical”, as Charla Carter promised. “With Loana, we managed a really nice transformation, I think, by making it much more chic. Perhaps the change was a little too drastic for her. The hardest thing was to make him understand, like the others, that we have to evolve. You can’t have the same look at 20 and at 40”, promised the famous stylist toParis here.

“Always the same head”

And this Friday, January 14, Loana returned to Instagram after weeks of absence and wished her darlings a happy new year. Except that one detail caught the attention of its subscribers: Loana does not seem to have been revamped. At least, in the photo! “We know like that that the makeover will not have been of long duration”, “Nothing has changed, still the same face”, “It is time for you to take care of yourself”, “It must be a photo before makeover. There is most certainly a contract with the production of the program which asks him not to broadcast his image before the airing”, many of them reacted. Hoping that the result will live up to the expectations of Internet users!

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