PHOTO – Marlène Schiappa: this “exceptional birthday” organized for her daughter

Saturday January 15, Marlène Schiappa shared photos of her daughter’s “exceptional birthday” on Instagram. For the ten years of her junior, the minister wanted to “mark the occasion”.

Apart from his life as a minister, Marlene Schiappa devotes himself to his mom life. Very close to her two daughters, she makes it a point of honor to spend as much time as possible with them, despite her busy schedule. So for thebirthday of one of them, the happy 39-year-old mother did not hesitate to put the small dishes in the big ones. “Exceptionally, for the 10th birthday of my youngest daughter, I wanted to mark the occasion and for once make an ‘exceptional birthday’… and take your friends to Sciences Expériences in Bercy Village in the 12th in Paris“, explained the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior in charge of Citizenship on her Instagram account on Saturday January 15.

Marlene Schiappa posted about ten photos and videos of the event on which we see young children enjoying this fun and educational afternoon. If she’s proud of that”exceptional birthday“organized for her daughter, the politician recalled that she remains despite everything a mom like the others. “Usually, I’m not one of the parents who organizes extraordinary things for children’s birthdays, it’s more like old-fashioned musical chairs + homemade chocolate cake although I greatly admire creative parents who always have incredible ideas!

Her role as a mother, the most important in the eyes of Marlène Schiappa

Despite his political duties and responsibilities, Marlene Schiappa always will put your daughters first. “As soon as I can have lunch with them, I do. I get up early even though I came back later to have breakfast with them“, she confided in the podcast parents first, of Tele-Leisure, in March 2021. Its mom role has always been the most important to him. She has dedicated a book to her children, entitled So often far from you: Letters to my daughters, published in 2018. Ten years earlier, she had created her blog, “Mom works”, in which she shared her difficulties in balance family life and work.

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Photo credits: Aurélien Morissard/Panoramic/Bestimage

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