Photo project: Strong is the new pretty – and it looks great!

Who do you have in mind as you read these characteristics? Girl? Or rather a horde of wild boys?

We still often think in clichés when it comes to the characteristics of our children, also shaped by the images in advertising and the media. But luckily something is happening! Not all girls want to be top models, they want to be more than pretty and conformist. You want to conquer the world.

And it shows us how much fun it is to watch the girls do it Photographer Kate Parker from Atlanta in their photo series “Strong Is The New Pretty”.

Actually, she just wanted to shoot a few souvenir photos for her two daughters Ella and Alice and experiment with exposure techniques. But at some point she began to recognize patterns in the pictures.

“I found that the photos where the girls are completely authentic were the strongest images. They became my favorite subjects and I started to look for that in the new photos.”

The result is wonderful pictures that show a childhood that everyone wants: full of adventures, with good friends and lots of fun.

We show you a selection of Kate Parker’s work. Have fun!
By the way: The best photos of Kate T. Parker have now also been published as a book (Advertisement: “Wild girls – We are most beautiful when we don’t want to please anyone”, mvg Verlag, 16.99 euros)

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