Photo series: Mother’s love

A mother photographer, chooses to travel the world in order to put in images the inexplicable bond of a mother and her child. The result is breathtaking.

In search of beauty

Originally from Romania, Mihaela Noroc, 30, has undertaken for several years to document the beauty of women from different cultures, in a project entitled “The Atlas of Beauty”. From Western Europe to African tribes, from Rio de Janeiro to China, Mihaela tries to capture natural and diverse faces and portraits.
Her goal is to find, above all, young women who are not trying to be someone else, or who are looking to copy global fashion trends. She is looking for these women who remain themselves, in their difference and their originality.

“Beauty is everywhere, it is not a matter of makeup or size, but rather of being yourself” says the photographer.

This idea came to her during a stay in Ethiopia where she met women who strive to keep their traditions without looking too much at what is happening elsewhere.

Mother Love

Throughout her travels, the globetrotter has chosen to explore a new theme: motherhood. It is in one of her many series of portraits that Mihaela Noroc pays homage to mothers around the world. Her work perfectly illustrates the indescribable bond that exists between a mother and her children.
Her talent made it possible to put images on a feeling: maternal love.
She encountered, during an interview with My Modern Met, the difficulties she may have encountered in photographing children:

“Although there is a unique chemistry between mothers and children, it is not easy to capture it on camera. Sometimes children tend to be disturbed by the camera. Succeeding in capturing this alchemy is very rewarding ”, she said.

She adds:
“I hope (…) that my work will bring a ray of sunshine. I think a mother’s love is the most intense feeling that exists in this world and we should let it inspire us and wash away all the negativity ”.

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