PHOTO Sonia Rolland completely addict: she reveals her passion to internet users

While the third season of Criminal Tropics is still waiting, Sonia Rolland is already in the starting blocks to start filming the fourth season. On Instagram, she wanted to pay tribute to her sports coach while explaining that she was a great sportswoman at heart.

Sonia Rolland has come a long way. From very far away… Since the end of her reign as the seventieth Miss France, the latter has multiplied audiovisual and cinematographic projects and now shines as an actress. After having lent her features to the indomitable Léa Parker at the very beginning of the 2000s, she now officiates in the skin of Commander Melissa Sainte-Rose in the series Criminal Tropics broadcast on France 2. A tailor-made role for the lively forties, big fan of sports and adventures

keep up the pace

This Sunday January 16 on Instagram, the mother of Tess and Kahina therefore wanted to pay tribute to her sports coach Nancy and explain be literally addicted to sport since childhood : “ I am told I am addicted to sport… not false!, she begins by writing in the caption of a series of photographs, As a child, I was a hyperactive child (not to say turbulent) and to channel me, my parents enrolled me in basketball at a very young age! With my job, the physical preparation also prepares my mind to hold the 4 months of filming at a steady pace “. It is true that the daily life of a policewoman in Martinique should hardly be easy…

She continues: “ Discipline, surpassing oneself, concentration and regularity allow me to absorb the stress of everyday life and to go further in my work. And as a good epicurean, I refuse myself nothing…! “Not even a good swim in the Caribbean Sea… And his fans can be reassured that the third season of the series should not take long to land on their screens: “The broadcast dates of season 3 will be communicated to you very soon” she concludes, a bit mysterious. What obviously enchant the main interested parties: “ A photo of you and the winter is gone! », « Awesome can’t wait to see you again! », « Age is in your head… and here’s your athletic body! Your success is the result of your ambition. In more ways than one, you are an exceptional woman. Epicurus…recall This should motivate her even more!

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