PhotoRoom, AI gem for photography, raises $43 million

France has recognized expertise in artificial intelligence and also leading startups. And Mistral AI, the latest tricolor unicorn in full acceleration, is not the only representative of this know-how.

PhotoRoom can also be cited among the innovative players based in France. The company is developing an image editing application. And it has just completed a $43 million Series B round from Balderton and Aglae.

PhotoRoom has made its GenAI revolution

“We leverage deep learning to translate pixels into objects, which greatly simplifies non-creative tasks like removing backgrounds from images or deleting objects,” the publisher describes itself.

A user of AI, the startup saw the explosion of generative AI shake up its market in 2022. PhotoRoom therefore used GenAI to develop the functionalities of its editing application for businesses and professionals.

“A year after launching GenAI (…) we faced challenges, but we moved quickly. By listening to feedback, we made our AI the fastest, we eliminated hallucinations and we experienced explosive growth (3x) over the last year,” claims its CEO and co-founder Matthieu Rouif.

The manager reports that his application now ranks first in around fifty countries. Among its clients, the startup includes small businesses, particularly in the e-commerce sector, and multinationals including WarnerBros and Netflix.

2 billion photos edited per year

PhotoRoom has widely adopted generative AI. In addition to its B series, the young company is announcing the launch of six new features taking advantage of AI. Thanks to the creation of its own foundation model, it allows the generation of images from scratch.

This use of IAGen is, however, widely criticized for questions of respect for copyright. To respond to this challenge, the startup therefore designed its Photoroom Instant Diffusion model, trained through the purchase of millions of images.

Its GenAI stack further allows the company to offer different generative functions for photo editing, such as AI Expand and AI Backgrounds for generating backgrounds or sizing them.

“These advances represent a big step forward and demonstrate our desire to integrate AI seamlessly into all aspects of photo editing,” underlines Matthieu Rouif.

AI in the startup’s DNA

The manager participated last April in a round table organized by Artefact. He then indicated that his technology was involved in the editing of 2 billion photos per year, particularly for the processing of images displayed on e-commerce marketplaces. PhotoRoom began adopting IAGen in December 2022, then leveraging Midjourney.

AI adoption is not just about product and photos. “Internally, everyone is on ChatGPT, whether it’s marketing, design or legal,” declared the CEO, for whom AI constitutes a competitive advantage.

“We are internally pushing to use more generative tools. The tech team is on Copilot for development (…) On the code, it uses both ChatGPT and Copilot”, further specified Matthieu Rouif.

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