Physics, Japan & crazy reviews: 5 YouTube channels to discover in January 2023

The January 2023 selection dares a selection 100% in English for the YouTube channels of the month. Because why not.

New year, new resolution? For a few editions already, we have also offered you English-language YouTube channels in our monthly selections. An openness that also allows you to discover what is being done elsewhere, provided you have some knowledge of English — if necessary, there is always subtitling to support you.

For January, we allow ourselves a little madness: five channels only in English. But if you want to rediscover the language of Molière, do not hesitate to browse our archives. We have dozens of videos to recommend! If it’s our content that interests you, find us also on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Goodbye !

Paul from Tokyo

Paolo lives in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. He also maintains a YouTube channel which he uses to present all kinds of trades, following for 24 hours. There are already more than thirty such videos. But there are also a few other series on his channel, called Paolo from Tokyo, we think of his tourist guides, hotel tours and all kinds of vlogs.

Minute physics

Concepts and questions of physics explained in a few minutes? This is the niche in which the Minute Physics channel has positioned itself. We talk about teleportation, solar panel, artificial intelligence, black hole, shape of the universe, coronavirus, paradox, antimatter, sky, and many other things. All with little scribbled drawings.


Do we really need to introduce Google? And was it really essential to highlight the chain of the company? Maybe not ! But there are a few series of videos that are worth seeing. We think in particular of the “Hacking Google” format, which presents several stories around the hacking of the company and its plans to defend itself.

How It Should Have Ended

The title of the channel How It Should Have Ended literally means “How it should have ended”. It’s exactly that: it’s about revisiting the end of films or series and imagining another end, no more plausible, but certainly less cinematographic. Inevitably, after the fact, we can only say that the screenwriters sometimes take us for truffles.


Videogamedunkey is a truly unique YouTube channel in the English video game landscape. The author has fun commenting on the games, the conferences and the announcements of the environment by swinging spades on spades, with a little provocative tone, a little nasal and full of bad faith. It’s both silly and funny, like this astonishing passage fromAmong Us in… solo mode.

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