PICTURES. Jennifer Grey, her crazy evolution since Dirty Dancing

The Dirty Dancing star is more radiant than ever. Back, in pictures, on the physical evolution of Jennifer Gray since her debut.

Jennifer Gray was revealed in 1987 thanks to the film dirty dancing in which she plays the character of Frédérique Houseman, known as “Baby”. More recently, the actress appears in the series Friends and in the 11th season of the American show Dancing with the stars, which she won. Criticized after having a rhinoplasty, Jennifer Gray declares in an interview with People magazine that she regrets this cosmetic surgery operation: “I became invisible overnight. In the eyes of people, I was no longer myself. The weirdest thing is that I had resisted all my life, and I was so pissed off at my mother for advising me to have this operation.

A breathtaking physical evolution

The actress also confided in Prevention magazine about her impressive hair loss: “I didn’t know what to attribute it to: was it because I didn’t cut my hair, or because I didn’t go to salons, or because I didn’t color my hair? Or because I was just too much at home? I didn’t know what was going on. I’ve always had a lot of hair and I’ve always been seen as the girl with lots of hair”. Today, Jennifer Gray seems to have made peace with her body and is more radiant than ever. If she left aside her characteristic curly hair, she still wears long hair after 60 years and displays very glamorous beauty. Back to the most beautiful looks of the actress since her debut in dirty dancing.

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