Pierre Arditi: his incredible laughter from “8 hours” which required the intervention of the firefighters: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Host of the show C to you since she took over from Anne-Sophie Lapix in 2017, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was at the helm of a new issue of the daily France 5 talk show on Friday February 16, 2024. That day, the presenter received again different guests on his set to discuss their respective news. During the second part of the program, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine notably welcomed the actor Pierre Arditiwho came to promote his activities at the theater. During dinner C to youcolumnist Patrick Cohen reminded the actor that he was a good “laughing”, notably evoking one of his most memorable laughs. This occurred when Pierre Arditi found himself facing his colleague Pierre Mondy. But rather than telling this story himself, Patrick Cohen preferred to broadcast a video by the famous director Jean-Michel Ribes, who had just witnessed Pierre Arditi’s crazy laughter at the time.

Pierre Arditi “couldn’t stop laughing”

“At this moment, [Pierre Mondy] said to him: ‘If you are my friend, take off your pants.’ And there, Pierre [Arditi] freezes and begins an unquenchable fit of laughter. He couldn’t stop laughing. This scene, which began at half past four in the afternoon, I remember it perfectly, ended at two in the morning. That is to say that ishe laughed so much that we brought her wife [Evelyne Bouix, ndlr.]we called the firefighters, we brought in the producer. He couldn’t stop.”, explained Jean-Michel Ribes. After the broadcast of this extract, Patrick Cohen joked by declaring that Pierre Arditi held “the national record for laughter on stage”. “Yes, it lasted eight hours”said the actor, which made those present on set burst out laughing. “I’m surprised myself. […] Thinking about it, it still makes me laugh. The problem is that it was completely progressive.”then clarified Pierre Arditi.

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