Pierre-Jean Chalençon, accused of organizing illegal dinners, “thinks of filing complaints” against M6: Femme Actuelle The MAG

A report that makes debate. Friday April 2, 2021, the journalists of M6 revealed, through an investigation carried out in particular by the means of a hidden camera, the existence of illegal dinners in private places in Paris. Among these places whose address was not revealed in the report, and despite the partial blurring of certain images, a good number of Internet users believed to recognize the Palais Vivienne of Pierre-Jean Chalençon.

According to the images broadcast by M6, the people who were invited there feasted without a mask and even kissed each other, a gesture that is no longer quite required since the application of barrier gestures. As of Sunday, April 4, 2021, Pierre-Jean has denied in block being at the origin of clandestine dinners, on Twitter : Totally false and slanderous … !!!!! “. However, in this report, Pierre-Jean Chalençon, whose identity had been kept secret through the rigging in particular of his voice, ensured that illegal dinners were also organized in certain restaurants: “I had dinner this week in two or three restaurants, which are precisely supposedly illegal restaurants with a certain number of ministers. So that makes me laugh softly. We are still in a democracy, we do what we want” , had he launched to the cameras of M6.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon under investigation

Sunday April 4, while his words were revealed in broad daylight and in their entirety by M6, Pierre-Jean Chalençon explained that he saw no problem with transgressing the measures put in place by the State: “Fortunately we can do that (…) It would be serious if we couldn’t do that! No I do not know ? It’s good, it’s okay! They’ve been pissing us off there for 15 months … What we have to stop! What is this madness ? They are sick guys. The Paris Prosecutor has announced the establishment of an investigation to “endangering the life of others” and “hidden work” according to M6. An investigation opening to which Pierre-Jean Chalençon’s lawyer responded. According to him, his client was doing “humor” and handled the “sense of the absurd”, he declared to our colleagues from AFP. Monday April 5, 2021, while the case continues to grow, Pierre-Jean Chalençon decided to speak through an audio recording broadcast on the set of Do not touch My TV. “I am very sad with the way I was treated. It is a kind of ambush, a set-up. I will see with my lawyers but I think I will file complaints,” he affirmed without specifying on what grounds he could lodge a complaint.

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