Pierre-Jean Chalençon attacks Caroline Margeridon's physique: "Hello the massacre!" : Current Woman The MAG

Nothing works between Pierre-Jean Chalençon and Caroline Margeridon. And the 50-year-old collector does not hesitate to post their differences on the Web. Friday March 19, 2021, the former buyer ofDeal concluded sure France 2 attacked the physical of the one who was once one of his closest friends. And he did not go dead hand. Sure Twitter, a user evoked the clash between Caroline Margeridon and Julien Cohen on the air, sharing an article from Current wife. "We sometimes wonder what's going on behind the scenes!", the user laughed. No less was needed for the enthusiast of objects linked to Napoleon Bonaparte, attacks the buyer of Sophie Davant's show.

In reaction to this tweet, Pierre-Jean Chalençon commented: "Julien, he was not the victim of a cosmetic surgeon. Hello the massacre!" A roundabout way of attacking Caroline Margeridon, implying that she would have abused cosmetic surgery. Faced with this tackle, some Internet users wanted to defend the decorator. "At least she doesn't worry about money", we read for example on the social network, while others have supported the words of the administrator of the Circle France Napoleon : "The natural there is only that true. And you have to assume your age, it's beautiful to grow old. One thing is certain, this risks aggravating the situation, while a cold war broke out between Pierre-Jean Chalençon and Caroline Margeridon, after the ousting of the former leading face ofDeal concluded. "Oops that won't help your relationship", another Internet user pointed out.

Christophe Aubert via Bestimage

"I was so shocked by his words"

Tensions between Pierre-Jean Chalençon and Caroline Margeridon began some time after the departure of the buyer fromDeal concluded. On Instagram, he said of her: "I have no more news from her! The good friend lol. I have new friends, but there are the nerds and the cockroaches, it helps clean up! (…) When you scratch the varnish … I was not fooled, but at this point … Poor. " Statements that signed their friendly breakup. In the columns of Close on December 20, 2020, Caroline Margeridon replied: "I was so shocked by his words to me that I definitely put a stop to him. "

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