Pierre Palmade accident: “affected brain”, attempt to wake up … New information on the condition of the little boy

Three days after the terrible road accident in which comedian Pierre Palmade was involved, the state of health of the various victims begins to be known. A six-year-old boy is still between life and death.

The days go by and the state of health of the victims of the car accident from which Pierre Palmade originates does not always improve … This Friday, February 10, the comedian had a terrible road accident between the cities de Melun and Dammarie-lès-Lys in which three vehicles were involved. If he’s officially out of business health-wise, Pierre Palmade tested positive for cocaine and several substitute drugs. An aggravating circumstance that risks bringing big legal problems to the comedian.

Among the victims, in addition to the pregnant woman whose baby was killed by the violence of the shock, there was a six-year-old boy who was taken care of at the Necker hospital, located in Paris. Three days after the accident, his vital prognosis is still engaged. This Monday, February 13, the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior Camille Chaize returned to this affair in an interview with FranceInfo. The latter initially asked the two individuals present in Pierre Palmade’s car and who fled to surrender.

A 6-year-old boy is still between life and death

Then Camille Chaize wanted to take stock of the state of this little boy. “The victims were airlifted very quickly to various Parisian hospitals. And I understand that the child is still in very serious condition, his vital prognosis is still engaged“, she confided. A few hours later, our colleagues from BFMTV also gave some information about this young victim.

“He is the son of the driver, he is still in a coma. It is today that the doctors will try to wake him up. According to a family member, his brain was hit when his head hit the window. His father is also still in a coma. He has already undergone five operations, including one yesterday on his arm. Regarding the passenger, sister-in-law of the driver and aunt of the six-year-old child, she was seven months pregnant. She lost her baby in this accident. She is also still in a coma at the moment. Horrible information…

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