Pierre Palmade accident: the disturbing revelation of his passenger in the half hour preceding the tragedy

On Wednesday February 15, 2023, one of Pierre Palmade’s passengers was taken into custody. He then made revelations regarding the minutes preceding the terrible car accident.

More than a week after the tragedy, the investigation is progressing. On Friday February 10, Pierre Palmade, driving under the influence of drugs, provoked a terrible accident hitting another car with three people in it. If the pregnant woman had unfortunately lost her baby shortly after the tragedy, his brother-in-law and his son are still in intensive care in serious condition.

First hospitalized, the comedian was then placed in police custody and then under judicial control and Electronic Surveillance, Wednesday, February 15. He narrowly escaped incarceration and his situation should be reassessed within ten days. His two passengers who had fled after the accident were also taken into custody. During their interrogation, one of the two, aged 34, made revelations. He said he spent the day at consume narcotics with Pierre Palmade and the other passenger.

Pierre Palmade allegedly took drugs just before the accident

According to information from RTLthe passenger of Pierre Palmade would have confided that the actor had consumed synthetic drugs barely 30 minutes before the accident and that he had offered to take the wheel. Following the proposal of his passenger, the actor would have refused, explaining that he wanted drive himself. A decision which was not without consequence since the terrible accident occurred a few minutes later.

In addition to having taken cocaine, the comedian would also have consumed 3-MMC. It is a synthetic drug sold at a very attractive price. If 3-MMC has stimulating effects and increases libido, for example, its effects are just as devastating as those of cocaine and his risk of addiction is particularly high.

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