Pierre Palmade accident: these three chilling memories kept by the young pregnant woman after the tragedy

Four days after the terrible road accident caused by comedian Pierre Palmade, the lawyer for the victims gave a press conference on the antenna of BFMTV. The latter notably recounted the memories of the young pregnant woman, who lost her baby due to the shock.

A blood-chilling story. This Tuesday, February 14, four days after the appalling road accident caused by Pierre Palmade, Maître Mourad Battikh, the victims’ lawyer, held a press conference broadcast by BFMTV. And the least we can say is that the testimonies he collected are chilling. Before we get into the details, here are the facts.

This Friday, February 10, the comedian, under the influence of cocaine, caused a terrible pileup, drifting into the left lane and hitting another vehicle head-on. By his act, Pierre Palmade seriously injured a woman about six months pregnant – who lost her baby -, a man of just 40 years old as well as his son, who is still in a coma. An investigation has been opened for homicide and unintentional injuries by a driver resulting in total incapacity for work for more than three months.

The victims’ lawyer recounted the horror of the memories of the pregnant woman

During his press conference, Master Mourad Battikh particularly returned to the pregnant woman, who logically preferred to remain anonymous. “The passenger has a traumatic memory in three stages. She first remembers the dazzling headlights coming in full face. She then remembers the swerve given by the driver to try to avoid the vehicle which was rushing into them. And then she remembers getting out of the car, trying to go to the back to try to save the passenger. But she collapsed, having no more strength, thinking instinctively of her babyscreaming repeatedly.

This young pregnant woman was quickly taken care of by the emergency services. But once in the hospital, located in the Paris region, the nightmare did not stop there. After taking a CT scan, doctors discovered “multiple broken ribs, damaged vertebrae and a sprained neck”, again according to the lawyer for the victims. The surgeons had to “carry out an emergency caesarean section, when the delivery date was scheduled for May 15”. Absolute horror…

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