Pierre Palmade at worst? Cyril Hanouna’s revelations about his state of health after his stroke

Pierre Palmade’s stroke has caused a lot of talk. On March 8, Cyril Hanouna gave news on the state of health of the comedian in TPMP on C8.

Highly publicized, Pierre Palmade was involved in a fatal car accident. Deadly for four people! This March 8, 2023, Cyril Hanouna made certain revelations about the state of health of the comedian in TPMPon C8. let’s remember that Pierre Palmade had a stroke. An incident that caused a lot of talk since on the same show on C8the journalist Myriam Palomba had put forward the idea that he might have faked his stroke to avoid jail. Moreover, on her Twitter page, she had affirmed that Pierre Palmade would have been “imprisoned by the Jap“without his stroke, as reported Legossip.net.

On Do not touch My TV !the discussion around the Pierre Palmade affair began with Julien Lepers. Julien Lepers supports Pierre Palmade, but declares that he is already dead according to him, could we read on the screen. The overall subject revolved around the media lynching currently around Pierre Palmade. After discussions with his columnists, Cyril Hanouna made revelations about the state of health of the comedian. The stroke was extremely violentannounced Cyril Hanouna, adding: That’s what the doctors and people are also saying, in the case a bit… police officers who are in the case. The presenter claimed that he had done his “little investigation”.

Pierre Palmade: Internet users do not hesitate to express their anger

Faced with the hypothesis of a possible stroke simulation advanced by Myriam Palomba, Internet users, shocked, did not hesitate to express themselves on the situation. “What he did is despicable. What happened to this family is absolutely horrific“, had commented a user. “But make believe that his stroke is faked when we know what he consumed before, it’s really stupid. He’s in really bad shape and has a family toodo not forget it, madam!“, had commented another. The case continues…

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