Pierre Palmade case: “He does not feel his …”, the driver’s family gives terrible news

The family of the driver injured in the road accident involving Pierre Palmade gave news of the man in Touche pas à mon poste on C8, this Thursday. His nephew Omer spoke about his state of health.

More than justice, they want his recovery. The family of the driver hit by Pierre Palmade’s car on this famous evening of February 10 was back on the set of Do not touch My TV on C8, this Thursday. Omerthe nephew of Yukselrevealed the after-effects of the man. “He is nailed to his hospital bed”he told Cyril Hanouna. The cousin of Yuksel said the man had difficulty eating. Yilmaz Told : “When he takes the drugs, he feels nothing. When he stops certain drugs, he is well or not well.” He would have said: “I can’t feel my left arm. The blood isn’t circulating very well.”

Yuksel is unable to walk but can speak again. But for him, everything is blurry. The victim in the road accident in Seine-et-Marne does not remember the night of the tragedy: “No, he doesn’t remember, we asked him, he doesn’t know what happened.”

6-year-old boy back to school

His son was able to leave the hospital. The 6-year-old boy has returned to school and is wearing a corset – but he can’t speak yet. “He goes there in the morning, but he gets too tired, so he doesn’t go in the afternoon anymore, since he always has to take medicine, it tires him too much, he wants to sleep.” Omer recounts the follow-up to which the little boy is subjected. “He still has 24 or 25 sessions to go see his doctor, he is still on medication,” indicated the young man, specifying that he is subject to “epileptic seizures”.

In total, Yuksel was operated on seven times. His discharge date from the hospital remains undefined and it is not known if he will have any sequelae. Pierre Palmadehe was hospitalized in the Kremlin-Bicêtre following his stroke. The comedian remains under judicial supervision and he is prohibited from leaving the hospital.

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