Pierre Palmade confides in his 5 detoxification treatments

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Pierre Palmade has tried many times to get out of the hell of drugs, but according to him, his various cures have all been failures.

The revelations follow one another concerning the Pierre Palmade affairwhich has been shaking France since February 10 and the terrible road accident it caused, making three seriously injured and causing the death of a baby. In addition to details on the substances and other drugs taken by the 54-year-old comedian, The Parisian unveils this Wednesday, March 1, some of the statements by Pierre Palmade made to investigators. The newspaper thus reveals that the actor, who is in custody in the hospital (following his stroke), would have many financial worries. He reportedly said “no longer able to work because of synthetic drugs” and now be indebted to the tune of 250,000 euros, receiving only 5,000 euros per month. Pierre Palmade also spoke about his addictions and the gears from which he can’t get out. always according to The Parisianhe explained in particular that he had started five drug rehabs for the past five years and each time without success. “The cures never succeeded, all abandoned“he confided before admitting to having”dropped out about a year ago“while he was being followed by an addictologist in a private clinic.

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“8 injections of 3-MMC”

Amongst others dependents recently unveiled, it was revealed that Pierre Palmade had not only consumed cocaine. According BFM-TVone of the passengers in the comedian’s car explained that the latter had notably taken “approximately 8 injections of 3-MMC between 12 p.m. and the time of the accident” with a last intake 30 minutes before. 3-MMC, by its full name 3-methylmethcathinone, is a synthetic drug used as a cocaine substitute. In addition to these substances, the French artist had drunk two glasses of alcohol. Pierre Palmade himself confirmed that he had been using drugs for three days and thathe had not slept during these three days, pointing out that he had been “unconscious“to take the wheel in these conditions.

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