Pierre “traumatized” by a production device, fans are scandalized

Yesterday, December 7, the new students of Star Academy left the castle to meet middle school students. However, this moment was difficult for some, notably Pierre, who shared his emotions with his comrades by returning to Dammarie-les-Lys.

The article will cover the fast pace of Star Academy and the significant experiences of the participants, in two distinct parts. The first part will focus on the elimination of Victorien and his relationship with the other candidates, and the second part will address the outing organized by the production and the emotional impact on the participants, notably Pierre. In the fast-paced world of Star Academy, each week is a test of speed and talent, where students compete intensely to win the prestigious title, one year after Anisha’s triumph.

Recently, the adventure ended for Victorien, a competitor who was not spared by the public vote or the support of his peers. This passionate oyster farmer, far from any bitterness, chose to forgive, in particular Margot, a comrade with whom he had a close relationship. “Before going on stage, I made it clear to everyone that I would have no resentment, whatever the result. Affinities are created naturally… Margot and I were close, but she also had strong ties to Djebril”, he revealed during an interview with Melty.fr.

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An exit outside the castle: joy and dismay

The freedom regained by Victorien contrasts with the confined routine of the remaining academicians, who had not yet had the opportunity to meet their audience. This opportunity was offered to them on December 7, during an outing organized by the production to visit a college. Michael Goldman, in charge of the announcement, also revealed the names of the three nominees of the week. This outing, although a source of excitement for the candidates, had an unexpected impact, particularly on Pierre. After returning to the castle, Pierre shared with his comrades his dismay at the intensity of this experience.

On social networks, the public expressed their indignation towards the production, judging it responsible for the stress suffered by the students during this outing deemed too trying. Comments such as “Pierre confirms that the release traumatized him… Sometimes, production really has questionable ideas…” Or “Pierre and Lénie have not recovered from their trip to college. The sudden transition from isolation to a crowd of delirious college students, what was TF1’s intention?” have flourished online. This encounter with external reality remains an unforgettable memory for the participants of the Star Academy.

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