Pietro Lombardi: After separation rumors! Laura Maria shares shot of him

Pietro Lombardi
After rumors of separation, they appear together again for the first time

Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi

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The relationship between Pietro Lombardi, 31, and Laura Maria Rypa, 27, is currently said to be in crisis. “I have to tell you something one day when I feel ready,” Laura Maria wrote enigmatically on Instagram and unfollowed her partner on the social media platform. “I’m disappointed and have to collect myself first.” What exactly It is still unclear whether the singer and the influencer, who have a son together, have really separated. The singer initially went into hiding, her mother stayed overnight with Laura and the little one. Now the situation seems to have changed again.

Laura Maria Rypa: “My mom is sleeping here today”

A few days ago, Laura Maria shared photos and clips of herself and little Leano, who was born in January of this year, in her Instagram story. “Sometimes I would like to know what he’s babbling about,” she commented on a photo that shows her little one crawling over upholstered elements. She wrote about another clip: “Thank you for all the love. Feel hugged.” Apparently she received a lot of support on social media amid the breakup rumors and would like to thank her fans for that. She continued: “My mom is sleeping here today and getting the little one ready for bed.” She explained that she didn’t like being alone after the attempted break-in, so her mom helped out and stayed with her.

Apparently Laura Maria’s mother has moved in and is looking after Leano.

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Pietro Lombardi has gone into hiding

Halloween night was a traumatic experience for the small family: Burglars had tried to get into her house. It is therefore only understandable that Laura Maria doesn’t like being home alone at night since then. But where is Pietro? Has he moved out? In any case, his fiancée got family support, perhaps also to be comforted and cared for by her mother during this time.

Meanwhile, there was no trace of Pietro Lombardi on social media. The former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” winner neither appeared in Laura Maria Rypa’s Instagram stories, nor did he post anything on his account – no statement, no explanation.

Now, for the first time, the 27-year-old is sharing a photo that shows her fiancé. “Leano was allowed to stay awake a little longer today, but we’re in bed now and the boys are watching a movie,” she writes about a photo of Pietro and his son Alessio, 7, from his marriage to Sarah Engels, 31. can be seen from behind while watching TV in their shared home. Whether the influencer wants to put an end to the persistent separation rumors or whether the two initially only got together for their sons?

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