Pietro Lombardi: He supports his "brother" Mike Singer

In the coming season of "DSDS" Pietro Lombardi will no longer be a member of the jury. He only has warm words for the new member of the team.

Pietro Lombardi (28) will no longer appear as a juror in the coming season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". Instead, his singer colleague Mike Singer (20, "100 thousand") will take a seat on one of the vacated jury seats in the 18th season. For Lombardi, that's obviously no problem at all. On Instagram, he promises Singer his support and also expresses himself after the end of his relationship with Dieter Bohlen (66), who remains as a veteran in the jury.

In the coming 18th season there will be "a completely new jury for 'DSDS'", RTL recently confirmed at the request of the news agency spot on news. Only planks should stick with it. In an Instagram story, Lombardi now said that there was no friction between him and the pop titan. The singer says: "Because many questions: 'Pietro, are you arguing with Dieter? What's going on?' Dieter and I just talked on the phone. We are and will remain very, very close friends. " Bohlen could only confirm that in his stories.

"I'm so happy for you"

"You never know what the future will bring," continues Lombardi, who has apparently not yet finished with "DSDS". His "inner gut feeling" says "that there will be a comeback". First, however, he wishes "the new jury a lot of fun with the new season."

Above all, he congratulated Singer, whom he calls his "brother". "You are the new juror. I'm so happy for you. You will do well," assured Lombardi. As his "big brother", he is always there for him for all questions. "Brother, I thank you from the bottom of my heart," replied Singer again in his stories. RTL had previously officially announced that the singer will take a seat next to Bohlen in the coming season. The other two new jury members have not yet been determined.


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