Pietro Lombardi: is he the type for one night?

Pop star Pietro Lombardi tells how the first big fame felt, how he feels about one-night stands and why he was afraid of existence.

Singer Pietro Lombardi (28, "Senorita") recalls his first experience with fame in an interview with the twins and entertainers Dennis and Benjamin "Benni" Wolter (29) for their YouTube channel "World Wide Living Room". He got a taste of a celebrity life more than ten years ago – before the title was won on "DSDS" in 2011.

At that time, he and friends published a cover version of the song "Green Eyes" on Youtube. The reaction of the ladies in his hometown Karlsruhe was inevitable: "I was also very popular with the girls, although I was slightly ugly," grins Lombardi.

What does he think of one-night stands?

"How often do you get clear offers," Dennis and Benni Wolter want to know later in the conversation. Pietro Lombardi laughingly tells of autograph sessions after concerts "and one or the other whispers something in my ear: 'What's the matter? Which hotel are you in? Are you up for it?'" And one-night stands are coming for him now question, will the two continue to drill? In general, he was "not the classic one-night stand type," says the singer.

But he also reveals that it is "actually difficult" to meet as a prominent person. "You don't know, is she out for the fame now? Does she really want to get to know the person? It's very difficult because women can lie really well," laughs Lombardi. "After I broke up, I really had paranoia for the first two years …" He didn't care about the paparazzi now. If he met a woman, he would go out with her too.

Then the fears of existence came

Back to career. That was changeable. "In the first year you had 100 appearances, in the second only seven," he describes the year of his "DSDS" win and the following year, in which "the new" candidates and winners were reported again. "It was a tough phase for me, for us at the time. Sarah and I were worried about existence," he admits. Then the offer from RTLzwei came to shoot a reality documentary. They said, "I wouldn't do it today," laughs Lombardi. "But back then – we were young and needed the money."

Pietro Lombardi and Sarah married in 2013. In 2015 their son was born. The couple separated in 2016, and divorce followed in 2019.