Pietro Lombardi: Jana Ina Zarrella sorts out dating requests for him

Pietro Lombardi
Jana Ina Zarrella sorts out dating requests for him

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Despite all the love and relationship rumors of the past weeks and months, Pietro Lombardi is apparently still looking for a steady partner. Above all, his good friend Jana Ina Zarrella has a few demands on his future and already sorts out date requests.

Giovanni Zarrella, 43, and Jana Ina Zarrella, 44, have been married since 2005, are now parents of two children and are still happy. This is roughly how the good friend of the two, Pietro Lombardi, 29, introduces himself for his future. “Just a model celebrity couple, I would say. I tried it too, but it didn’t work out,” he jokes about his past marriage to Sarah Engels, 28. “They always stick to each other and you have such a fixed point. You know “You are at home there. And that’s how I would like to be with a partner in the future.” It can’t be that difficult for the musician to find the right one, after all he says: “Well, I’m pretty.”

Jana Ina Zarrella receives date requests for Pietro

Of course, many young women see it that way too. If in doubt, they have to pass Jana Ina Zarrella first. “Personally, I get 100 messages a week from girls who want to get to know Pietro,” she says in a double interview with Pie for VOX. “But it’s not about dating Pietro from TV, it’s about getting to know the person Pietro. Pietro has a huge heart and he deserves it, really a completely normal, down-to-earth, great girl by his side,” says she and then afterwards screams with joy: “And then I want to be a godmother!” The “Phenomenal” interpreter doesn’t seem averse, he still wants “36-37 children”.

Pietro Lombardi’s newcomer should be able to do that

However, he has one requirement of his future wife: She must be able to cook, because as he found out when he took part in “Grill den Henssler” on Sunday evening, August 22nd, 2021 (from 8:15 pm on VOX), “Cooking is really hard”. He warns before: “Well, I don’t want to be my wife, she can’t let me cook for her.” As the dad of seven-year-old Alessio, he should actually eat regularly, says presenter Laura Wontorra. “I honestly say the little one cooks for me,” jokes the 29-year-old.

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The singer has now even interrupted his social media break for his offspring. Alessio started school at the end of last week. At this great moment, not only Mama Sarah was there but also Pietro, who couldn’t be more proud of his offspring. “I wanted to share this day with you during my break, it is a very, very emotional day. We almost lost our little one after the birth and today is the first day of school. Indescribable”, so his touching lines to a photo of himself the pregnant Sarah and their son, who holds his school bag in his hands.