Pietro Lombardi: This influencer is the new woman by his side

As promised, Pietro Lombardi has revealed his new love. But there was no big surprise.

Now the love secret about Pietro Lombardi (28) has finally been revealed. As promised in advance, the singer revealed on Saturday (September 19) via Instagram who the new woman was by his side. It is – as rumors said before – the 24-year-old influencer Laura Maria. Lombardi wrote briefly "I love you" on the revealed couple photo of the two.

At the same time as the picture on Lombardi's Instagram page, Laura Maria, herself already over 100,000 followers, posted a video of the two lovebirds on her account. She wrote: "Thank you for making me laugh again and again – I love you." In the short clip, Pietro sings her a little serenade and gives her a loving kiss on the temple.

Pietro Lombardi has been officially divorced since 2019. In 2013 he and singer Sarah Engels (27) married, and in 2015 their son Alessio (5) was born. The couple separated in October 2016.