Pietro Lombardi: This is how he talks about the future with his Laura

Pietro Lombardi
This is how he talks about the future with his Laura

Pietro Lombardi is back with Laura.

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Pietro Lombardi shares details about the relationship with his Laura – and dares a look into the future. Spoilers: marriage and children.

Pietro Lombardi (30) and influencer Laura Maria Rypa (26) recently announced that they are back together. Now the couple tells how the reunion came about.

Accordingly, the two have been approaching each other for around six months. “In the end, the initiative came from both of us. It was like the first day again,” so Lombardi to “image”. Laura adds that they “somehow couldn’t let go of each other”. There is already a plan so that the relationship lasts longer this time, as the singer explains: “Previously, many people talked us into the relationship. That no longer exists.”

After the break, both seem to know what they have in each other again. Pietro thinks that Laura has a great sense of humor and he knows that he can rely on her. Laura thinks it’s great that the musician takes her as she is. “I don’t have to be dressed up all the time, I can be without make-up, in a jogging suit or in my pyjamas.”

“Think of a Small Family”

In fact, Pietro can apparently already imagine a long-term future with the paralegal: “When I think about the future, then of course we’re moving in together, and of course I’m thinking of a small family. Of course, at some point I’m thinking about children and marriage. “

Lombardi and Laura Maria were together for a few weeks in 2020. In an Instagram story, he explained after the split: “We decided together to end it because it just wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.” Laura Maria had also confirmed the separation on the platform. “We just realized we’re both too different,” she said in a story at the time.

Lombardi was married to the singer Sarah Engels (29) from 2013 to 2019 and has his son Alessio, who was born in 2015, with her.


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