Pietro Lombardi: Will the singer return to the “DSDS” jury in 2023?

Pietro Lombardi
Will the singer return to the “DSDS” jury in 2023?

Will Pietro Lombardi be on the “DSDS” jury again?

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Dieter Bohlen makes his big comeback on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Apparently Pietro Lombardi should also return.

The last “DSDS” jury with Florian Silbereisen (41), Ilse DeLange (45) and Toby Gad (54) is history, in 2023 the long-time chief judge Dieter Bohlen (68) will return. The 20th will also be the last season of the talent show. Who will sit next to the pop titan on the jury has been a well-kept secret so far. However, the “Bild” newspaper now wants to knowwho will judge the singing skills of the candidates.

Pietro Lombardi (30) is said to be returning. The winner of the eighth “DSDS” season 2011 was already on the jury in 2019 and 2020. Bohlen and Lombardi are good friends.

Who will complete the jury?

Third place is said to have not yet been occupied, according to “Bild” the preferred candidate of the pop titan should be Shirin David (27). She is also not unfamiliar with the “DSDS” world: the singer and rapper was already a juror on the casting show in 2017.

Dieter Bohlen not only makes his comeback in the “DSDS” jury, he is also back on stage: According to the current status, he will give twelve concerts in spring 2023, including in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.


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