Pigtails – hot or not? : The editors argue about this nineties trend

Stars like Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber or Jennifer Lopez show themselves with THE trend hairstyle of the 1990s: Pigtails are celebrating a comenack this summer. The 90s hairstyle, which Emma Bunton has declared to be her signature look, is currently celebrating a revival and is not only dividing opinions in our editorial team.

The 90s were formative for the fashion and beauty industry. Bright colors, thin eyebrows, hipsters – who doesn’t know the trends of the decade ?! Little by little, many of the highlights from fashion and music of that time are experiencing a new hype – not always to the delight of our beauty editors. Hot or not? The editors Ilka and Anna-Lisa reveal how they feel about the retro hairstyle trend “pigtails”.

Channeling my inner supergirl

I’m generally not a fan of the 90s. Although I was built in 1990, when it comes to make-up and fashion, I tend to be more into the early 70s and 80s. But I only associate good memories with the pigtails, the two braids tied on the side. Whether Sailor Moon or Emma Bunton, the tied up braids simply stand for girl power. And the braids can give you a super power too: volume. That’s because when you style them close together they look similar to a high ponytail, only with almost twice as much hair – what more could you want!

90s? No thanks!

I grew up in the 1990s and followed many trends back then. I don’t need most of them again, though. Pigtails are definitely one of them! Far too girly, far too retro for my taste today, which is much cleaner now. Back then, of course, I was also walking around the schoolyard with two tied pigtails, which made me feel like the coolest of the class. And maybe that’s exactly the reason why I don’t like pigtails anymore: Because I have already followed the trend, I still know how I felt back then, including bad puberty problems and Co. Many of these recurring trends just remind me too much the time that is (luckily?) over.

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