Pikmin 4 will land on Switch on July 21

You know the catchphrase: a little astronaut crashes on a hostile planet. Isolated, she searches for a way to repair her rocket and reassemble her crew. Fortunately, the Pikmins, adorable plant creatures with the character of Teletubbies, are always ready to spin a helping hand. Unity is strength, and the merry troop soon set off to explore its environment. On the program, greedy monsters, dark caves and many puzzles. If we believe the trailer, we will also have to deal with a day-night cycle that plays on the temperament of the local fauna.

Flora is fun

Pikmin 4 intends to renew the formula, first with the brand new Pikmin de Glace. Unsurprisingly, this walking little icicle can freeze enemies and the environment to unlock new solutions. At the same time, we discover a new adjuvant, the big doggie Oatchi capable of pulverizing obstacles and carrying your Pikmins on his back to cross dangers.

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