"Pillow Boot", why is this ankle boot talked about?


A pillow-boot? Yes, it does exist and it was Louis Vuitton who had the very good idea to pamper our feet this winter. On social networks, the “Pillow Boot” is already causing a sensation!

To avoid cold feet this winter, Louis Vuitton has just released the "Pillow Boot". This pillow-boot, which ultimately looks a lot like a revisited Moon Boot, is sure to become the must-have accessory of the season! Well padded and puffy like a big, cozy down jacket, the "Pillow Boot" looks so comfortable that you want to dip your feet in it and never come out again. Like the UGG or the Moon Boots, its shape and its aesthetics can however divide!

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Will the “Pillow Boot” be the trendy shoe of tomorrow?

Will the “Pillow Boot” be as successful as the mesh ankle boots this winter? In any case, this boot designed by the French luxury brand is already making a lot of talk on social networks! In the next few days, expect to see the it-girls of the year with these boots on. With its notched sole and its Monogram lining – the brand's iconic canvas – the “Pillow Boot” will appeal to many fashionistas. The "Pillow Boot" is available now for € 850 and in three colors: black, white and khaki.

What shoes to buy for this winter?

If you don't necessarily want to spend 850 € on that pair of ankle boots, here are some very comfortable and affordable shoe models to wear all winter long!

> UGG Mini Bailey Bow, € 199.95 on Zalando

> Tamaris fur ankle boots, € 79.95 on Zalando

> Lace-up boots with Cosmoparis fur, € 149.95 on Zalando

> Lace-up ankle boots, € 94.95 on Zalando

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