Pink Drink: The recipe for a trendy drink of summer 2021

Pink drink
This is how you mix the trend drink of the summer

With the “Pink Drink” the name says it all!


On Sunday, May 9th, temperatures of up to 30 degrees are expected in Germany. The perfect day to try out the trend drink of the summer. The “Pink Drink” is not only delicious, refreshing and sugar-sweet to look at, but also low in calories.

The summer comes! Even if the weather isn’t cooperating yet, this trendy drink helps us get into a summer mood in no time at all. In the USA, the Starbucks drink “Pink Drink” has long been on everyone’s lips. Now it is also becoming more and more popular in Europe – but not bought, but in the uncomplicated DIY version.

Recipe for remixing: Pink summer greeting from the glass

In the video we show you how you can easily imitate the refreshing trend drink at home with just a few ingredients. Cheers!

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