Pink: She posts an emotional letter to her late father

She posts an emotional letter to her late father

Pink commemorates her late father’s birthday.

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Pink remembers “Arguing. Screaming. Crying. Misunderstandings” when thinking of her dead father. The sad birthday mail.

US singer Pink (42, “Cover Me In Sunshine”) wrote an open letter to her late father, Jim Moore. The occasion is the 76th birthday he would have celebrated. She wrote the lines to the Vietnam War veteran together with a photo of his grave, on which there is a cupcake with a lit candle, posted on Instagram. In it, Alicia Moore, as Pink’s real name is called, reveals bittersweet details from a father-daughter relationship that is apparently not always easy.

“When I dive into my memories of us to try to understand our relationship, the first thing I remember is our arguments. Screaming. Crying. Misunderstandings,” she writes. “Like in a parallel universe,” she also remembers “how you caressed my hand and said ‘ouch’ to remind me to be gentler, to remind me that I was nicer than what I said “so pink.

Missing her father is difficult for her

On August 26th, the singer had in an Instagram post made her father’s death public. Missing him is apparently still difficult for her. “I don’t know if I can cope with the cold, hard truth that I miss you,” said the musician. “I still want to pretend this is one of the times when I’m busy and not calling. I can’t feel that yet,” she added.

She closes her post with a respectful “Happy Birthday Daddy Sir” and adds, “Gone, but not forgotten. I won’t miss you yet. I’m not ready yet.”


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