Pinzgauerin injured – 26-year-old attacked her roommate

The Salzburg police had to intervene on Saturday afternoon because a 26-year-old Salzburg woman was violent against her flatmate from Zell am See.

The coexistence of two women who live together in the city of Salzburg is probably over. The two clashed violently on Saturday afternoon. At first only verbally, a 26-year-old woman from Salzburg later became violent. She attacked her flatmate from Zell am See, who was one year older, and pushed her. The 27-year-old crashed into a box, fell to the ground and suffered minor injuries. 27-year-old injured, also affected by cell phone The Pinzgau woman’s cell phone was also affected by the incident. For the 26-year-old, however, this was no reason to hold back. She threatened her roommate with further beatings if she did not change her behavior immediately. An approach and entry ban was issued against the perpetrator. She was also reported by the Salzburg police.
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