Pistol, throwing axe, imperial flag: planned Lauterbach kidnapping: armory discovered

Pistol, throwing axe, imperial flag
Planned Lauterbach kidnapping: arms depot discovered

A group of Reich citizens, lateral thinkers and conspiracy theorists are said to have planned the kidnapping of Lauterbach and the overthrow of the federal government. During a search of a suspect from Bavaria, the investigators found a “real arms cache” and Nazi memorabilia.

According to the investigators, a “real arms cache” was found on the Bavarian member of the alleged extremist group that is said to have planned the kidnapping of Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. This was reported by the competent public prosecutor’s office in Koblenz. The investigators assume that the man from the Lower Bavarian district of Landshut wanted to take an active part in the planned anti-state actions and use or procure weapons.

Firearms and parts of firearms were lying around everywhere in his house, the spokesman for the attorney general’s office reported. Among them were a box with ammunition, numerous pistols and knives, but also long guns, arrows, a crossbow and a rapid-fire crossbow and a throwing axe. In the house, the investigators also found the uniform with the SS runes as well as a Reich flag, photos with Reich flags and five new, empty petrol cans. Books dealing with conspiracies against Germany have also been discovered.

The accused are said to have planned not only the kidnapping of Lauterbach, but also explosive attacks on substations and power lines in Germany. According to the investigators, they would have terrified the population and wanted to use the desired chaos to take power in Germany.

Reich citizens and “lateral thinkers”: There are still no statements

The four men taken into custody have not yet commented on the allegations, said the spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office. They are accused of preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state and of violating the Weapons and War Weapons Control Act. The evaluation of the secured data carriers will take some time.

The Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Roger Lewentz from the SPD had spoken of right-wing terrorism. According to the investigators, the accused are so-called Reich citizens, opponents of the Corona policy and conspiracy theorists. The extremists exchanged ideas in a chat group. According to the investigators, they called themselves “United Patriots”, but sometimes also “Germany Day X”, or gave themselves other names. The group is said to have around 70 members.

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