Pixel 6a: the first tests show a fingerprint sensor more efficient than that of the Pixel 6

While the mobile isn’t even officially commercially available, a full Pixel 6a review has already been released on YouTube. We can see a revised and improved fingerprint sensor compared to that of the Pixel 6.

Almost a month away from its release, the Pixel 6a continues to reveal its secrets. Supposed to arrive on store shelves in July 2022, Google’s next mid-range mobile has already been put on sale by a Malaysian Internet user. The story does not end there, since, just to spoil the surprise, a complete test of the device has already been published on YouTube. In this video, we learn good news about the fingerprint sensor of the future mobile.

Fix Pixel 6 Errors

Around 4 minutes and 55 seconds, Youtuber Fazli Halim can be seen comparing the Pixel 6a’s fingerprint reader to the Pixel 6’s. times more efficient and faster than its predecessor. The Pixel 6 has historically been criticized for its finicky sensor, so it’s good news to see Google improving things on the new model.

At the end of 2021, the company explained that the Pixel 6 uses “improved security algorithms” for its fingerprint sensor, which could make it slower than those of the competition. Faced with a deluge of criticism, especially on Reddit, Google deployed a life-saving update, but which did not seem to correct all the problems.

Not as valiant as the Galaxy S22 Ultra

The controversy had swelled enough that Rick Osterloh, head of devices and services at Google, officially announced that the Pixel 6a would have a different fingerprint sensor than the Pixel 6. The first tests seem to prove that it is beautiful well the case, the 6a unlocking in a fraction of a second, when the Pixel 6 skates.

Despite these improvements, Fazli Halim notes that the 6a’s fingerprint sensor is still slower than that of a Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example. Nothing very surprising since the two phones clearly do not play in the same price bracket and the S22 Ultra uses an ultrasonic sensor, where the Pixel 6a uses an optical sensor.

Be careful though, the test of the Pixel 6a is carried out on a preview version of the OS; it could therefore be that many things will change between now and its marketing at the end of July. But the first feedback is in any case exciting about the performance of the fingerprint sensor. It’s already taken.

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