Pixel 7: Amazon confirms the price in dollars and reveals the release date

The Pixel 7 is likely to cost $599, as previous leaks have suggested. This is revealed by Youtuber Brandon Lee, who tracked down the smartphone on Amazon. It remains to be seen whether this means that the smartphone will be at the same price as its predecessor, or whether the conversion into euros will be disadvantageous to it.

Technical sheet, design and even release date: the traditional leaks have done their job before the release of the Pixel 7. The question that is now burning everyone’s lips is that of the price. Previous information is already revealed that the smartphone should cost 599 dollars across the Atlantic. Today, this rate is confirmed by a new investigation by Youtuber Brandon Lee.

The latter discovered the Amazon page dedicated to the phone, which therefore does indeed display the price of 599 dollars. It should also be noted that the site gives us a release date, namely October 13, which again confirms previous rumors, but which also comes into contradiction with different sources. Anyway, it is the price that interests us here, since it is at the center of many questions in our region of the globe.

pixel 7 price amazon
Credits: Brandon Lee

What will be the price of the Pixel 7 in France?

Indeed, if this price is the same as for the Pixel 6, this does not mean that its successor will be at the same price. At least in France, because the exceptional fall of the euro against the dollar could well redistribute the cards. Many manufacturers have already revised their prices because of this parameter, and it is not impossible that Google will do the same. Remember that the initial price of the Pixel 6 is 649 euros, 899 in its Pro version.

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Suffice to say that we expect a rise in prices, even if the future could prove us wrong. It should also be noted that the Amazon page gives no indication of the Pixel 7 Pro, so it will be a surprise for the latter. Surprisingly enough, Google has in any case tried to stop repeated leaks by unveiling a preview video of its smartphone. For the full presentation, see you on October 6th.

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