Pizza soup from Italy: The most popular recipe for chefs

Pizza soup alla nonna
This recipe is the most popular with chefs

If you like, you can add some Parmesan over the pizza soup.


How about the beloved pizza in soup form? The top rated recipe on Chef will get you through the cold days.

In winter, a soup is good – it warms body and soul. But we are often spoiled for choice as to which recipe to choose. Hearty or rather light? Have you ever tried a soup-shaped pizza? That not only sounds promising, but is also damn tasty. At least that’s what Chefkoch users think.

Winner on Chef: Grandma’s Pizza Soup scores great

Because they rated “Grandma’s Pizza Soup” the best. The dish is prepared in no time at all and promises a perfect mix of light and hearty. We show the recipe in the video.

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