Planet Zoo: Head to the Desert with the Arid Zones Animal Pack

The fifteenth DLC – already! – of Planet Zoo will add eight new animal species: the dromedary, the african crested porcupine, the black rhinoceros, the addax (a kind of antelope), the Somali wild ass, the sand cat, the dama gazelle and finally the horned viper, new exhibition animal which will be confined to closed vivariums. Acquiring the Arid Zones Pack will also unlock a new storyline: Wealthy jetsetter Tiffany Summers needs your expertise to turn a barren stretch of sand into a tourist oasis. We will have to wet the shirt – well, not too much, let’s not risk dehydration…

The Arid Zones DLC will be accompanied by the free update 1.14, packed with adjustments quality of life. In particular, you will be able to adjust the colors of the uniforms of your employees, or even define several uniforms according to the functions, in order to identify your minions-of-everything at a glance. Convenient. The new “scene photo” and “cinematic editor” modes will let you take exceptional photos and videos of your park: define the course to follow, and Planet Zoo takes care of capturing the images. What to prove to his friends that yes, we have the most stylish panda enclosure of the Discord conv, and it is not negotiable.

But the best feature added with the 1.14 update is undoubtedly the camels and llamas which can now spit on your visitors. Rest assured, this will not diminish their satisfaction. Who can refuse a free refreshment, too?

The Arid Zones DLC will be available from June 20 for €9.99.

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