Planning a skiing holiday?: Winter sports enthusiasts should definitely keep an eye on this

Ski vacation planned?
Winter sports enthusiasts should definitely keep this in mind

Skiing is still very popular.

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A ski holiday is still on the agenda for many. If you want to make the slopes unsafe this year, you should consider a few points before you start.

Winter has returned in Germany. While the temperatures have been mild so far, snow showers are now sweeping across the country. Good prospects for winter sports enthusiasts who want to make the slopes unsafe. However, skiers and snowboarders should pay attention to a few points – especially if you want to try out the areas abroad.

snow chains

Whether in Germany, Austria or in other ski areas: If you are driving, you should have snow chains with you. After all, you tend to have to drive up a hill to reach the lifts. On icy or snow-covered roads, snow chains can become mandatory in some regions. If you drive an electric car, you should note that the batteries are less powerful in freezing temperatures. Find out beforehand where the nearest charging stations are – after all, not every mountain village has stations for electric cars.

Prepare body and equipment

Before you go on a skiing holiday, it’s worth preparing your body for winter sports with a few exercises – at home or in the gym. Yoga, for example, can help increase mobility. Stretching in the morning before skiing or snowboarding can minimize the risk of injury.

In general, it is worth checking the equipment before the ski season. Are the edges sanded? Do they need waxing? It is best to take the skis or snowboard to a specialist. In the process, also check whether the binding is set correctly. Serious injuries can occur if the binding releases too early or too late – especially in the event of a fall. When setting the binding, the Z value plays a role. The higher this value, the later the shoe is triggered. The factors of age, weight, height, sole length and level of experience are decisive.

liability insurance

Anyone who has chosen South Tyrol for a skiing holiday has needed liability insurance since January 1, 2022. It is necessary for skiing, snowboarding and sledging – all over Italy. If you don’t have one, you can usually take out a policy for one day when you pick up the pass for the slopes, as reported by the ADAC. Not having liability insurance is not a good option. Because there are fines of up to 150 euros. In addition, the ski pass could be withdrawn. Drunk winter sports enthusiasts with a blood alcohol level of 0.5 must reckon with a fine of up to 1,000 euros. From 0.8 per mille it is even a criminal offense.


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