Plans from secret meetings: AfD “wing” is likely to rebuild structure

Secret meeting plans
AfD “wing” is probably rebuilding the structure

Officially, the right-wing extremist “wing” of the AfD has been disbanded. Unofficially, its structures are apparently being revived – this is evidenced by the recording of a secret meeting of party members. Representatives are already elected – they should act under the radar.

The AfD is apparently rebuilding the structures of its right-wing extremist “wing”. This is shown by the secret recording of a meeting of around 40 AfD politicians from Lower Saxony in an inn in Verden an der Aller. The material is available from the broadcasters WDR and NDR.

It was recorded by a party member who had smuggled into the event to find out what was happening at the meeting, as reported by the Tagesschau. Several members of the board of the Lower Saxony AfD as well as several members of the Bundestag were involved in the meeting. The former AfD state chairman Armin-Paul Hampel was also present.

Accordingly, the former “wing” in Lower Saxony has probably given itself a new organizational structure, as the recordings suggest. “I congratulate us on reactivating the old wing structures,” said one participant after the event had appointed more than a dozen so-called regional coordinators. It should be a parallel structure that “100 percent” bypasses the district associations. The aim of the new structures is to win majorities over them.

Hampel denies new “wing”

When asked, Hampel stated that it was just a “grassroots motivation meeting,” as the Tagesschau reported. It was by no means about reviving the wing. When a speaker regretted the dissolution of the wing, Hampel contradicted him. According to the report, however, the three-hour recording does not show any contradiction in terms of content by the AfD man.

The existence of structures that bypass those of the party had always been denied by the “wing” and the party. According to the Tagesschau report, the organizational and working methods of the right wing network in the AfD are now indirectly clear. For example, after the election of regional coordinators, one participant said that they should now do networking work, of which the party should “if possible not hear anything”.

Federal spokesman Jörg Meuthen told the broadcaster that the AfD party executive would put the issue on the table on Friday. Some board members consider the matter highly explosive. The party executive of the AfD had urged the “wing” to dissolve about a year ago in order to prevent observation by the constitution protection and not to jeopardize their chances in the upcoming elections.