Plants in the bedroom – what to look out for

Are plants good for me in the bedroom? Can they even make you sleep better? We reveal what you should look out for!

Are plants in the bedroom harmful or good for me?

While plants are normal furnishings for many in the living area, many shy away from setting up flowers and trees in the bedroom. Your concern: Do indoor plants hinder a healthy sleep? Do they even consume oxygen? Are they damaging the air quality?

The clear answer: it depends.

What is meant by this: Most plants consume oxygen at night, but do not produce any new one (because photosynthesis is not possible without sunlight). There are, however Plants that purify the air and also produce oxygen at night.

I want to put plants in the bedroom – what should I pay attention to?

There are several points to keep in mind when considering putting plants in your bedroom:

  • Strongly fragrant plants can cause headaches and make it difficult to fall asleep
  • Allergy sufferers should be careful not to place a plant that you are allergic to
  • Plants in the bedroom increase the humidity – This can be good in dry bedroom air, but is more harmful if you are already struggling with high humidity
  • Many plants consume oxygen at night and produce carbon dioxide. We will look at which are therefore better suited for the bedroom in the next paragraph.

Which houseplant can I put in the bedroom?

Because most plants only filter carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the day, some indoor plants are better than others to stand next to the bed or wardrobe. The following plants have proven to be good bedroom residents, which have an air-purifying effect:

  1. Aloe vera – not only filters carbon dioxide, but also numerous other pollutants from the air
  2. Bow hemp – it also produces oxygen at night and improves air quality
  3. A leaf – Not only nice to look at, but a real humidifier that is also easy to care for
  4. ivy – removes up to 94 percent of all pollutants from the air
  5. Green lily – Another air purifier that is just beautiful to look at

Bonus tip: In the summer months fresh Lemongrass help on the windowsill to keep mosquitoes away – but here you have to decide for yourself whether you can tolerate the smell in the bedroom or whether you find it annoying.

Other popular plants in the bedroom are the golden fruit palm, weeping fig, efeutute and the gerbera.

As you can see, by choosing the right plants you can not only upgrade your bedroom visually, but also significantly increase the quality of your sleep. We hope you enjoy your search for the perfect bedroom roommate!

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