Plaster cast from the baby bump – simple instructions

Pregnancy is a unique experience, many women want a special and individual reminder of this time – with a plaster cast from the baby bump they get a very special souvenir. The good thing: Every expectant mother can easily do it herself. We show you how to do it in a step-by-step guide.

The best time for the plaster cast

When you make the baby bump impression is up to you. The result is particularly impressive when the baby bump is already nicely round and visible. About four to six weeks before the birth is a good time so that the project does not become too strenuous for the mother-to-be.

Material for your baby bump plaster cast

  • Plaster cast set or Modeling plaster bandages and petroleum jelly
  • Chair with backrest (washable!)
  • 1 bowl
  • warm water
  • scissors
  • towels
  • optional: gloves
  • Foil / sheets for the floor
  • Old clothes that you can dispose of if necessary
  • Hard-working helpers (even in old clothes)

Preparations for the reprint

First of all: it dustes and smears – making a plaster cast is a really mess! If your bathroom is big enough, you should use it for your DIY project.

  • Spread out a film (e.g. from a hardware store) or a sheet to protect the floor and provide yourself with a washable chair. Alternatively, you can make the impression in the bathtub.
  • Now prepare the plaster bandages. Hold it to your stomach and cut it according to the circumference of your stomach. Go through step by step from top to bottom once, because your belly has of course more girth in the middle than z. B. at the bottom. If the breasts are also to be depicted, this also applies to the area. Cut so many strips that you can lay a second – and if you want a third – layer, the more stable the print becomes. It makes sense to lay the strips twice after putting them on so that you have enough for a second layer.
  • Protect your clothes, e.g. B. with towels or put on old clothes that you can dispose of in the worst case.
  • Place a bowl of warm water within easy reach.

Instructions for your plaster cast

If you make the plaster cast while standing, the shape of the baby bump becomes more natural. The whole thing can be exhausting with the belly, it also works when sitting. Choose the option that makes you feel safer and more comfortable.

  1. Stand upright or sit on the chair.
  2. Thoroughly grease the belly (and chest) with petroleum jelly so that the plaster cast can be removed more easily later.
  3. Your hard-working helper now takes the first strip and dips it in the warm water.
  4. Now the strip should be placed quickly on your stomach. Spread something out so that it is really smooth.
  5. This is how it goes from top to bottom (of course the other way around): put plaster strips in the water and fix strips by strips on your stomach.
  6. Make sure that the plaster strips overlap and also that there is a proper finish on the sides.
  7. Work quickly and apply the second layer.
  8. Check the overall result again, if necessary spread everything well with wet hands.
  9. Let the plaster dry (according to the manufacturer's instructions).
  10. Now carefully remove the baby bump impression from the stomach, this should normally be easy.
  11. Place the plaster cast on a towel to dry for about 24 hours.

After drying, the baby bump plaster cast can be painted and decorated as you wish. With or without decoration, you also have the option of hanging your memorial with a string or in a frame.

Refine the plaster cast from the baby bump itself

You can have finishing plaster casts made for you – or you can do it yourself. B. already contain colors. BabyBellyDesign shows you how to proceed in the design in her YouTube video:

Ideas for your memorabilia

Plain, glamorous, decorated with fantasy or flowers – there are countless ways to make your plaster cast from the baby bump:

Whether you beautify your souvenir colorfully and lavishly or rather discreetly is entirely up to you. We have collected a few ideas for the decorations:

  • Photo of the baby
  • Satin ribbons / bows
  • Cut-outs
  • Pearl ornaments
  • Lettering (e.g. name and date of birth)
  • popular fantasy characters
  • Lace or other fabric

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