Play first person shooter for free: Thanks to these titles, you can get tons of action without paying any money


If you like first-person shooters, you don’t necessarily have to pay money. With these free-to-play shooters you shoot your way through virtual worlds for free.

We introduce you to free first-person shooters and also offer you free downloads. (Source: Screenshot Steam)

In the early 1990s, the first-person shooter Doom captivated many players. It has been a groundbreaking computer game and all the well-known first-person shooters are based on the game concept, whether it’s Counter-Strike, Call of Duty or the Unreal games.

But you don’t always have to spend 50 to 70 euros for a first-person shooter. Again and again there are actually paid games significantly reduced or even free. These often include shooters.

Free first person shooters on the following pages

In addition to such promotions, there are also permanently free shooters. Some of these games are for quick fun and still look good doing it. Why don’t you try it? Here we present you several free-to-play shooters that could be worthwhile for you.

Just keep browsing the following pages and you might find a game you like. We will also guide you to the respective downloads. Please note: The game is usually free to download. For the purchase of in-game content, such as special weapons, a small fee is sometimes due.

Most of the shooters listed here are free PC games. Are you looking for free shooters for consoles? Then take a look at one of the following articles:

And now have fun browsing our selection of free first-person shooters.

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