Play Store: watch out for these Android applications downloaded more than 20 million times, they want to scam you

A new report from a well-known antivirus has shed light on more than a dozen apps created to steal your data through phishing, and others that claim to make money from you. If you have one, you must quickly uninstall it.

Credits: Pixabay

The famous Dr. Web antivirus has just revealed the existence of more than a dozen malicious applications covering a large phishing campaign, and these would already total 450,000 downloads. Among them are games and investment applications. They would be able to connect to a remote server after asking users to enter their personal information. Here is the full list of offending apps:

  • Golden Hunt – 100,000 downloads
  • Reflector – 100,000 downloads
  • Seven Golden Wolf blackjack – 100,000 downloads (still on Google Play)
  • Unlimited Score – 50,000 downloads
  • Big Decisions – 50,000 downloads
  • Jewel Sea – 10,000 downloads
  • Lux Fruits Game – 10,000 downloads
  • Lucky Clover – 10,000 downloads
  • King Blitz – 5,000 downloads
  • Lucky Hammer – 1,000 downloads

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These apps promise rewards for watching ads

Dr. Web also warns of 3 apps totaling 20 million downloads. These claim to be apps to earn rewards, but the conditions for receiving them are far too demanding.

Applications would push you to meet daily goals and watching a whole bunch of ads to generate money. The problem is that to create a transfer to his personal account, these would require you to watch too many advertisements. Worse, once some users were ready to turn their rewards into gift cards for use at online merchants, an app update simply removed the functionality. Here are the four apps trying to scam you:

  • Lucky Step – Walking Tracker – 10 million downloads
  • WalkingJoy – 5 million downloads
  • Lucky Habit: health tracker – 5 million downloads
  • Wonder Time – 500,000 downloads

Like the phishing apps, these also communicated with a common server, suggesting that the revenue generated by the advertisements you view all goes to the same person. If you have installed one of the applications mentioned above, we can therefore only advise you to uninstall them ASAP.

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