Playboy: Print still important for German edition


The US "Playboy" has announced that the upcoming spring edition will be the last to be released at the kiosk this year. At most, special editions are conceivable for 2021. The German edition, however, will continue to print. "Unlike the 'Playboy' US edition, which is only to be published this year with the current 'Spring Issue', the German Playboy (…) is also increasingly relying on printed magazines," says a press release.

Laura Müller (19), the girlfriend of singer Michael Wendler (47), is also involved. The German "Playboy" was able to increase its kiosk sales significantly since the beginning of the year with the February edition with title star Müller. In comparison, the magazine sold almost twice as well as the previous year's edition. "The digital version also sold better in the 'Playboy' magazine shop than all issues in 2019 combined."


"Playboy" defies the corona virus

The corona virus also does not change the decision to continue to print with the German "Playboy". "Of course, we, too, could not have foreseen that a virus would paralyze public life in parts of the world. But despite the acute threat posed by the corona virus, the German 'Playboy' is stable and winterized," explains editor-in-chief Florian Boitin when asked by the news agency spot on news.

A high proportion of the revenue comes from digital editions and is generated on the digital platforms, but for the German "Playboy" the print magazine continues to "make a significant contribution to total sales and earnings". Subscriber numbers that have been rising for years have shown "that 'Playboy' has lost none of its appeal".